Dried Sweet Potato ( Yam) for Dog (dog food)
  Posting Date : 2021-07-29 02:56:06

Detailed Product Description

Dried Sweet Potato ( Yam) for Dog (dog food)

cutting size

Dried sweet potato is raw materials for the production of dog food

For pet’s snack not staple meal.

Not recommend for pets under 3 months.

Finish as quickly as possible after opening.

Keep in the ventilated and cool places, not basked directly in the sun.

Feed adequately according to pet’s age, weight and body function.


Recommend Daily Value




Daily Value

Large Pet

Above 20 KG


Medium Pet

10-20 KG

64-128 G

Small Pet

5-10 KG

38-64 G

Mini Pet

Under 5 KG

11-38 G

Under 3 months

Not Recommend

dog food sweet potato sticks-cutting size

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Contact:Maggie Lin
Industrial concentration area at Liancheng county Fujian province