sweet potato strips - preserved fruit
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Detailed Product Description

Jianercong products are processed with high-grade sweet potato and keep its natural color and superior quality, containing vitamin A, C. It belongs to physiological basic food and has the adjusted effect to physiological acid of rice, meat and wheat flour.



sweet potato strips - preserved fruit

Highly nutrient, low-fat and low-heat, without artificial color and preservatives.

The sweet potato natural colors and flavors are retained with minimal changes

This product can provide people with all nutritional elements required during a day,

2. Taste:

Natural, lower fat, lower heat, healthy

3. Ingredients:                                                                      

Fresh sweet potato and purple sweet potato, refined vegetable oil, maltose

4Nutrition label

   Project             100g/per          NRV%

   Energy                     2418KJ            29%

   Protein                     1.6g              3%

   Fat                           46.1g             77%

   Carbohydrate           40.3g             13%

   Sodium                    520mg            26%

5. Packing:

Bulk: 10kg/box, 2bags/box

Retail package: 200g500g per bags

We can do OEM package for you

6. Shelf life: 12 months 

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Contact:Maggie Lin
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